Your Guide To Category S and N Salvage Cars

So when it comes to the different categories of salvage cars, what you have to appreciate is that the rules did change a couple of different years ago and altered things. 

Therefore, having a set of frequently asked questions when it comes to the different types of salvage cars, and so we’re going to be taking a look at what some of the top issues are and whether we can answer them.

So, What is a Category S Vehicle?

A category S repairable structural vehicle is one which has sustained damage to part of the structural frame or the chassis of the vehicle and is one which the owner has opted not to try and repair. The term ‘category S’ is a way of describing and classifying the type of damage which has been sustained. 

What is ‘Structural Damage’?

Structural damage refers to the harm caused to the vehicle via impact trauma. Typically, there is only one accepted guideline for this type of problem, and official images can be located at your discretion. However, it will have a considerable impact on your vehicle and what category it falls into. 

Is Category S Like an Old Category C?

Many people have compared the current S to the old C. However, this isn’t the case. While they are similar, one is not designed to be a direct replacement of the other. The primary difference being that the decision for the C was the cost of the repair, whereas here we’re dealing more with the extent of the damage to the vehicle here. 

What is a Category N Vehicle?

So, we’ve looked at Category S, and now we’re going to look at Category N. This is a category which refers to damage to a vehicle which doesn’t affect its structural integrity. Instead, it relates to the concept of cosmetic damage – the kind of injury which is just skin-deep, so to speak. A proper mechanic will have assessed vehicles which fall into this category before they are considered to be as such. 

Is Category N the Same as Category D?

Much like the belief that the Category S is the same as the old Category C, there’s also a belief that the Category N is the same as Category D. However, this isn’t the case. What you will instead find is that there’s a lot of similarities but also quite a few differences. The Category D is about the repair costs, whereas the new category N is more concerned with the damage to the vehicle. 

Who Can and Should Buy Salvage Vehicles?

When it comes to purchasing salvage vehicles for yourself, you don’t need a specific licence, unlike if you were attempting to buy something like a Class B. You can instead freely purchase these two types of vehicles for yourself. However, if you’re someone who routinely collects these kinds of vehicles and uses them for repairs and resale, then you’re going to be in luck. 

How do I register to Buy Category S and N repairable salvage vehicles with LAS?
To register, simply fill out the registration form on our Registration page.